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Such a beautiful view,

with a long way to fall.

26 October 1987
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Well hello there! My name's Kristina, though you can call me Kris or whatever you prefer. I'm twenty-two, from Illinois, and just trying to live life in the way that feels right and best to me.

What I post about most: my personal life, my faith, Jon Foreman & Switchfoot, The Lord of the Rings, music, Yadier Molina and the St. Louis Cardinals, concerts, photography, fandom, and a whole slew of other things. My journal is friends only, except for picspam and graphic posts, but if you leave a comment letting me know you've friended me, I will gladly friend you back.

I'll have more info here later! =)

Other places you can find me:

I'm 'faustmidas' on virtually everything, so it's not hard to find me if you need to!

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